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At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC, our experienced New York City Birth Injury Lawyer team has successfully litigating many times of birth injury claims. We have discovered that while a birth injury encompasses any type of trauma during childbirth, tragically it is often the result of an act of medical negligence. While it is not uncommon for a child to receive a minor injury during childbirth, many of the severe types of injury, such as brain injury and brain damage, can often be prevented. If you think that your child's birth injury or brain injury was caused by medical negligence, call our New York City Birth Injury Lawyers to find out what legal avenues are open to you.

While many children suffer a minor injury during birth, serious birth injury, such as cerebral palsy, Klumpke's Palsy, shoulder dystocia, Horner's Syndrome and Erb's Palsy, happen too frequently. These injuries can be caused by a number of situations that arise during a difficult delivery, with common factors including an abnormally big child or an abnormally small birth canal. Both of these situations will make the birth difficult and make it more likely that the child will suffer some injury. Most of the time, the obstetrician will be aware of the danger and will know how to compensate in order to make the birth as safe as possible. However, if you believe that you failed to get the proper care during your delivery, call our New York City Birth Injury Lawyer staff to inquire about a medical malpractice claim.

Acts of medical malpractice and doctors error made during delivery can cause severe injury. Some examples of these mistakes and errors include the doctor failing to respond to bleeding or recognize a baby in distress, failing to foresee complications due to the umbilical cord or due to a large baby and errors relating to the excessive use of medications or wrong medication.

Our New York City Birth Injury Lawyer group at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC is experienced with many forms of birth injury ranging from spinal injury claims, brain injury claims and claims associated with wrongful death.

Minor birth injury, such as bruising and swelling, will usually heal without further medical treatment. However, a difficult delivery can cause complications that cause permanent impairment. For example, when a large baby is having trouble moving through the birth canal, the doctor may have to use tools like vacuum extractors and/or forceps to aid the birth.

When a doctor makes a mistake using forceps or extractors, the resulting injury can be an intracranial hemorrhage, spinal injury, subdural hematoma, brain seizure, brain damage and fetal death. Serious birth injury will almost always necessitate extensive medical attention. If your child sustained a serious skull injury, brain damage or other serious birth injury during a difficult childbirth, contact our New York City Birth Injury Lawyer team to ensure your legal rights are protected and to pursue the fair compensation you deserve.

The improper use of these tools can cause another type of nerve damage and nerve injury termed brachial plexus nerve injury. A nerve injury like this happens when the shoulder nerves become injured as a child's arm is pulled too hard during birth. Brachial plexus injury can heal with no additional medical intervention. However, severe cases can lead to a decreased strength, loss of stamina, reduced range of mobility, arthritis, Erb’s Palsy, scoliosis, Glenohumeral Dysplasia, Horner’s Syndrome, muscle atrophy and joint dysfunction.

While it is unfortunate that a child has to suffer from a birth injury such as cerebral palsy, it can be devastating for a family to realize the injury was caused by a medical error or an act of a medical malpractice. Over exposure to labor drugs, improperly using birthing instruments and lack of oxygen are all preventable errors that can lead to a birth injury like cerebral palsy.

A child suffering from cerebral palsy or any other serious birth injury will face a lifetime of uphill battles and challenges that will impact the whole family. Medical expenses will likely be astronomical and can leave many families devastated. Having our experienced New York Birth Injury Lawyer team on your side, fighting for your legal rights and pursing the compensation you deserve, can be vital to helping your family cope with the injury.

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