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Bronx Improper Use of Delivery Instruments Injury

When a doctor or other medical professional uses an instrument to help deliver a baby, it is sometimes referred to as an “assisted delivery.” Instruments used in an assisted delivery include forceps or a vacuum extractor. Such instruments are used when despite the mother’s pushing, the baby is not progressing through the birth canal. While forceps or a vacuum extractor can be essential to ensuring a safe delivery, if these devices are not used correctly, they can cause the baby to suffer a serious birth injury. Such injuries include a brain injury, respiratory problems, injury to the shoulders or limbs, cerebral palsy, blindness, a spinal cord injury, developmental delays, or another other serious injuries. Furthermore, the mother could also suffer a serious personal injury by the use of delivery instruments if they are used negligently. In the same way that a victim of a car accident or other serious accident can seek damages from the person who caused the accident, New York law allows victims of negligent obstetricians and other negligent medical professionals to seek damages as well. If you were seriously injured or your baby suffered a serious birth injury as a result of the negligent use of a delivery instrument, it is important that you immediately contact an experienced Bronx Improper Use of Delivery Instruments Injury Lawyer who will help you pursue compensation for your injuries and your child’s injuries through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Injuries Associated With Delivery Instruments

There are 2 types of instruments that are sometimes used to assist in a vaginal delivery: forces and vacuum extractor. Forceps are a medical instrument shaped like tongs. During a forceps delivery the forceps are placed on the baby’s head to help gently guide the baby out of the birth canal. A vacuum extractor is a medical instrument that includes a cup that is attached to a vacuum pump. The cup is placed on the baby’s head and, like forceps, is used to help the baby through the birth canal. A forceps delivery and a vacuum extraction delivery are used when the labor has progress to the second stage, the mother has been pushing, but the baby is not progressing through the birth canal. In both cases care and skill must be used, otherwise the baby, the mother or both may suffer serious injuries.

With a forceps delivery, the mother is at risk of suffering tears and lacerations in her genital area, perinueum pain, anemia, urethra injuries and bladder injuries. The baby is at risk of suffering facial injuries, bruising on the head, seizures, and brain damage. Injuries that are commonly associated with vacuum extractors are brain injuries, seizures, skull fractures, retinal hemorrhages, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), and cerebral palsy.

Because of the risks associated with both the use of forceps and vacuum extraction, there are guidelines that doctors should follow when considering the use of such delivery instruments. For example, a vacuum extractor should not be used for delivery of a baby that is less than 34 weeks gestation, where the mother’s pelvis is too small, or where the mother is not fully dilated. Similarly, a doctor should use caution when using forceps if the baby may not fit through the mother’s pelvis, the position of the baby’s head is not known, or the baby’s shoulders or arms are leading the way through the birth canal.

Pursuing Compensation for a Birth Injury

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional such as an obstetrician, nurse, or other health care professional fails to take reasonable care and as a result the patient suffers an injury. Thus, if a doctor is negligent in the use of a delivery instrument and as a result you or your baby is injured, New York law allows you to hold that doctor and other medical professionals legally and financially liable.

The negligent party may be required to compensate you for your medical bills related to the injuries suffered because of the medical mistake. Examples of compensable medical expenses include emergency room treatment, hospital stays, visits to the doctor, rehabilitation, developmental and physical therapy, medical equipment and prescriptions.

The court may also award damages based on the physical and mental anguish you experienced from your injuries and recovery.

Bronx Improper Use of Delivery Instruments Injury Lawyer

If you suspect that you or your baby was injured because your doctor, nurse, or other health care professional improperly used a delivery instrument, do not hesitate to immediately contact someone with experience. The staff at Stephen Bilkis and Associates, PLLC is experienced in successfully representing clients and families of clients who have suffered injuries due to mistakes made by medical professionals, as well as those injured in car accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents, and other types of accidents. Contact us at 800.696.9529 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding your case.